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Train Thoughts

Don’t look out the train window to inspire yourself to write, to take away it’s beauty, to copy it in a painting or photograph. It doesn’t matter what they think about what you saw and what you might do with it. Look out at the dark clouds and grasses and river, at the neon billboard, and all the gray because you’re living your life right now and might as well look.


march 13: train delays and psychic stress

What I tell boyf when the train has major delays: “Boyf!!!! I might not see you for an HOUR LATER than I planned to DDD: there’s a FIRE EXPLOSION on the tracks and the train has stopped moving!!

What I tell my mom:
“On the train, some delays but it’s all good!”

I should talk to myself the way I talk to my mom when I don’t want her to worry. It’s definitely more reasonable. The train is finally moving now!

PS There’s been a guy sleeping next to me this whole time. Not sure if he knew the train had ever stopped, ‘cause he’s sure not phased by it!