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march 15: the original cosmos, carl sagan, and India’s cosmos

After watching the first three and a half episodes of “Cosmos,” the science documentary series hosted/narrated by Carl Sagan, I was in love with his teaching style, his awesome voice, and the fact that he travelled to NYC, Greece, Tuscany, and Cambridge in the first three or so episodes alone. Sagan chronicles our knowledge and discovery of the universe as well as his own, starting with his boyhood questions about stars in Brooklyn, to the ancient Greeks, to Albert Einstein, etc.

But I also had a lot of questions about what the rest of the world was doing besides Classical Greece and Europe. So I searched “history of non-Western science” and found the History of Science Society, which has an extraordinary amount of sources and articles about scientific traditions in India, Japan, China, Africa, the Americas, and more (I definitely recommend checking it out!).

That’s where I found Bharat Ki Chaap, a TV series made to document the history of science in India. After watching 2 out of the 13 episodes, I highly recommend it!


march 14: Henry Darger

The Realms of the Unreal, Jessica Yu, 2004

Scott McCloud warns against the “backstory trap” in his book, Making Comics (122). This is the pitfall new writers can fall into when they create elaborate histories behind every character. McCloud mentions Henry Darger as a cautionary tale, but there’s a lot more to him than just a hermit novelist/artist “add[ding compulsively to the backstories of characters no one will ever see” (McCloud, 122). If you have time, check out this documentary-I highly recommend it if you still have some time to procrastinate on homework this vacation!