4: Vidushi Sharma on the HobMob

How To Spend The Summer

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On this episode of How to Spend the Summer, I interview Vidushi Sharma, the creator of HobMob. Over the past few summers, she has been working with a development team to make an innovative form of interest-based “social” media!

Interview Highlights:

On what HobMob is:

“[HobMob] gives people a relevant and thoughtful audience of people who love what they love, so that their posts are noticed and recognized.”

“We thought [the name] ‘HobMob’ was a good fit, because it’s about your hobbies, your interests, and the mob is the community on the website.”

“This departs from [traditional, friend-based social media sites]…It’s not about about who you already know…It’s more to the core of who you really are, what you’re actually passionate about, ’cause we want you to share that on the site, and we want other people to engage with you about those topics.”

On her inspiration for HobMob:

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