4 Reasons This Indie “Social” Media Site is Worth Checking Out

How To Spend The Summer

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The HobMobcombines the best parts of Reddit, Tumblr, WordPress, and Facebook, but with a narrower focus: bringing people “with similar passions” together. These passions range from DIY projects to gaming, from literature to athletics. If you don’t see an interest that appeals to you, HobMob makes it easy to create a new interest or sub-interest about comics, Minecraft, podcasts, and more. HobMob enables you to find and form a community of people who love what you love. Here are 4 more reasons why I joined:

1. HobMob makes it easy to filter through content. You can sift though content by the interest it falls into by clicking the category icon.

2. HobMob was created independently. A 19-year old came up with the idea for HobMob! By joining the site you are supporting creative indie endeavors with your own content and comments.

3. Your readership engages with you. HobMob comments are a welcome break from internet trolling! In…

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