On “everyday feminism”

The Activist Classroom

I’ve been a feminist for a very long time. I’ve self identified this way to students and in my research for my entire career so far. But when time came to name this blog, I hesitated about putting the word in the title. This wasn’t about being cagey; you can read about my feminist ethos on the “about” page, you can guess it from the title of my first solo-authored book (Violence Against Women in Early Modern Performance: Invisible Acts), and you can read my regular contributions to Fit is a Feminist Issue, which I always cross-post in this space. So my hesitation about labelling my blog “feminist” wasn’t about minimising or denying my feminist habitus. Rather, it was based in an anxiety about securing readership: I didn’t want the word to somehow limit the scope of the blog, for readers and, maybe, also for me. But what…

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2 thoughts on “On “everyday feminism”

  1. The blogging community is open minded and very supportive of each other. It accepts, understands and supports each other’s belief, culture, ideas, hope, passions and many more. I too was a bit anxious of my blog’s name but after the first post and reading the comments there after, I’m glad I did. To blog is to set ourselves free, to be heard, to be ourselves, to be a part of somthing bigger.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I agree. Moreover, words (such as ‘feminist’) can convey a lot of meaning beyond just their definition, but our actions represent our beliefs more than labels can. A blog’s content can indicate our shared viewpoints more than the title alone could.

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